For employed members

As an employed member of the Plan, you are already taking advantage of the benefits that the Plan provides. As well as allowing you to save and provide for a pension at retirement, membership of the Plan gives you a number of other benefits.

What are my benefits?

This depends on which section of the Plan you belong to. For more detailed information relating to your specific section of the Plan, See Further information. If you don't know which section applies to you, this page will allow you to enter your National Insurance number or send a message to the Pensions Department to find out.

How can I boost my pension?

If you want to boost your retirement income, you can do so by paying Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). For further information on AVCs see Additional Voluntary Contributions.

Can I transfer pensions from a previous arrangement into the Plan?

Yes, you may be able to do this. Download the Transfers-in fact-sheet for further information. If you would like to proceed with the transfer, download the Transfer-in Information Request Form. This will allow us to write to your previous pension arrangement to obtain the documents we require to process the transfer.

I am part-time. How does this affect my pension?

The Plan is open to full and part-time UK employees of the Pearson Group. For further information on how working part-time affects your pension, download the Working part-time fact-sheet.

Ill-health benefits

If you ever become seriously ill whilst a contributing member of the Plan, you may become eligible to receive an immediate pension, whatever age you are. For further information on ill-health benefits, download the Ill-health benefits fact-sheet.

What happens if I take family leave/unpaid leave?

For details of your options if you take family leave/unpaid leave download the fact-sheet, Taking family leave/unpaid leave and your pension.

Death-in-service benefits

If you die while you are still contributing to the Plan a lump sum will be payable and there may also be pensions payable for your spouse or civil partner and any dependent children. These benefits continue if you remain a contributing member after the Plan's normal retirement age of 62 years. For further information on death-in-service benefits, download the Death-in-service benefits fact-sheet.

What happens if I leave?

For details of your options if you resign or opt-out of the Plan, download the Leaving the Plan? fact-sheet.

Retirement options

The normal retirement age in the Plan is age 62, but with the consent of the Company and the Trustee, you can retire from age 55. You also have options if you decide to continue working beyond age 62. For further information, download the Your pension options at age 62 fact-sheet.

For more detailed information relating to your specific section of the Plan, please see Further information