Bringing all my savings together

Having all of your savings in one place may give you greater control over your finances so you could explore moving any pension savings, either from a previous employment or personal pension, into the Plan.

You can request a transfer-in but it is not possible to transfer-in to the Plan once you have left Pearson, or opted-out of the Plan.

If you forward your transfer-in request and details of your previous pension arrangement to the pensions team, then you will receive feedback on whether a transfer-in is possible. You can download the transfer enquiry form here.

Other benefits

Whilst paying into your pension in the Plan, you will receive other benefits if you died whilst working for Pearson. They are:

  • A lump sum of four times your pensionable salary; and
  • A spouse's, civil partner's or nominated dependant's pension; and
  • Children's pensions (if applicable).

Please refer to the AE Section booklet for further information on the benefits you are eligible to receive.

If you were not paying into the Plan, then the only benefit payable would be a lump sum of two times your salary.

When you draw your benefits, make sure that the Plan knows your current marital status and that you have completed an expression of wish form; you can download the form here. If you are in the MP03 Section and are not married or in a civil partnership but have a dependant partner, you will need to nominate them to receive any benefits by completing a nominated dependant form.



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