Where is my money invested?

Investment options
You can choose from two types of investments.

You can find out more by downloading each of the lifecycle option leaflets below.

Drawdown lifecycle Cash lifecycle Annuity lifecycle

Please click here to see the full list of self-select funds.

How can I save more?

Even though you are near to retirement, it is never too late to save some more.

When you increase your contributions, Pearson will double your contributions up to a maximum contribution of 16%:

 Pecentage pensionable salary
 You pay

Pearson pays

Total You pay Pearson pays Total
Under 30 3%  6% 9% 5% 10% 15%
30-44 3% 6% 9% 6% 12% 18%
45 and over 3% 6% 9% 8% 16% 24%

You can contribute more than the maximum limits shown above as an additional voluntary contribution (AVC) but Pearson will not double match this.

Please bear in mind that your total pension contributions are subject to HMRC’s Annual Allowance (AA).If you are an active member you can use our AA modeller on Neo to check if increasing your contributions would take you over the AA limit.

Risk and the effect on fund values

With any investment comes a level of risk. By talking about risk, we mean how much your investments go up or potentially down in value. The more risky a type of investment, the more likely it is that returns are volatile – that is the fund will go up and down in value more frequently and by larger amounts.

If you are invested in one of the lifecycle options your Pension Pot will currently be switching in to lower-risk funds.

If you have self-selected your own investments and are in higher-risk funds, please consider whether you are happy with the amount of risk you are currently taking or want to transfer into lower-risk funds to protect the value of your Pension Pot.


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