What if

I work overseas

Will I be allowed to remain in The Pearson Pension Plan (UK) if I transfer overseas?

If you transfer overseas you may remain a member of the Plan if you remain directly employed by the UK company, or if you are seconded on a temporary basis. Please note that if you are based in a European Union location, there are stricter conditions on retaining membership of the Plan due to cross-border regulations. Contact the Pensions Helpline for full details.

If you are directly employed by an overseas company then you must leave the Plan from the date your new employment starts.

How long can a temporary secondment last?

Generally, your secondment agreement should state that the posting is a temporary secondment lasting no longer than five years and you will be returning to work in the UK. It may be possible for your secondment to be extended beyond this time, for a further limited period. Speak to your HR contact for more information.

What pensionable salary will be used?
HMRC require that your pensionable salary is your notional UK salary. This is the remuneration appropriate for similar employment in the UK. Your notional UK salary will be detailed in your assignment letter and will be used to calculate your pension contributions and benefits.

Will I receive tax relief on my contributions?

Tax treatment of pension contributions and benefits varies from country to country, so that tax relief available in the UK may not apply while you are overseas. Pearson’s international mobility team can arrange an appointment for you with Deloitte for tax advice and for information about your membership of the Plan.

What benefits will continue while I am overseas?
If you remain a member of the Plan, your normal life cover and any ill-health benefits will continue, based on your notional UK salary. This will be separate from any company travel and accident insurance policies which may have been set up.

If you leave the Plan, life cover and ill-health benefits will not be payable from the Plan.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions then please go to the Contact us page on the website for different ways to get in touch.