Investment choices

Investment options
You can choose from two types of investments.

You can find out more about the three lifecycle options by downloading each of the lifecycle option leaflets below.

Drawdown lifecycle Cash lifecycle Annuity lifecycle

Please click here to see the full list of self-select funds.

Switching period

If you are invested in the lifecycle option, your Pension Pot will start to switch from higher-risk funds into lower-risk funds when you are 15 years away from your selected retirement age.

Understanding risk

With any investment comes a level of risk. By talking about risk, we mean how much your investments go up or potentially down in value. The more risky a type of investment, the more likely it is that returns are volatile – that is the fund will go up and down in value more frequently and by larger amounts.

If you would like to understand your own attitudes to risk, you can watch our short interactive animation found here.

Go to eValuate to check out your attitude to risk.



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