Review my investment choices

Now you have left the Plan, you can no longer pay in any contributions.

The value of your Pension Pot will now depend on how your investments perform.

You can still review and update your investment choices to suit your individual needs and your attitude towards risk.

The options you have are:

You can find out more by downloading each of the lifecycle option leaflets below.

Drawdown lifecycle Cash lifecycle Annuity lifecycle

Please click here to see the full list of self-select funds.

Transfer out my savings
You can transfer out of the Plan into another registered pension arrangement.

If you were a member of the Plan before April 2016, you were contracted out of the State Second Pension, which means that the Plan has to guarantee you a minimum level of income at retirement. If your Pension Pot at the date of transfer would provide less than this minimum level, the Plan will pay a top-up to your transfer value and the transfer will be treated as if it were a transfer out of a defined benefit arrangement. If the value is more than £30,000 and you are transferring to defined contribution arrangement, you will have to provide evidence of taking financial advice before you can transfer out.

Please contact the pensions team if you would like to receive more information about transferring your benefits out of the Plan.


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