Why is it worth it?
Being part of The Pearson Pension Plan (the Plan) offers you a range of benefits to help you plan a more comfortable future and the earlier you start the better. 

Not being in the Plan means that you are potentially missing out on contributions from Pearson and will not have access to all the benefits of being in the Plan.

If you are in the MP03 Section of the Plan, you can enjoy:


Don't miss out on valuable benefits

If you meet the three point criteria to join the MP03 Section but do not choose to join then by default you will be enrolled into the AE Section of the Plan which has less benefits and Pearson will not pay in double what you pay.

If you do not meet the three point criteria, you will not be able to join the MP03 Section and will not be automatically enrolled into the AE Section. However, you may choose to join the AE Section.

Read How to join the Plan to see if you are eligible to join the MP03 Section or the AE Section and for a comparison of the benefits in the two sections.

Pay less tax

Did you know that you also save on tax by paying into the Plan? This is because your contributions are taken out of your salary before tax, which means money you would have paid as tax goes into your Pension Pot instead.

See how much you could save on taxes whilst contributing to your Pension Pot.

It costs less than you think


Your savings can go a really long way if you are in the MP03 section of the Plan because Pearson pays in double the amount of contributions you do. So the earlier you start the better.

You decide how much you want to contribute; the minimum amount is 3% of your pensionable salary. Pearson will pay in double the amount you contribute, which in this case is 6%. This means a total of 9% will go into your Pension Pot every month.

You may choose the level of contributions you want to pay in increments of 0.5%. The more you pay in the more Pearson will pay.

Check out Semira and Holly below to see how they benefit from the additional contributions Pearson makes.

What will you have to live on?

Maximising your contributions
Visit Semira, Holly and Tom’s contributions page to see how much more they could gain by increasing their contributions even by 1%. Remember the more contributions you make, the more Pearson will contribute, the maximum contribution you can make also increases as you get older.

Other benefits

There are other benefits of paying into the Plan to help you with unforeseen events:

Death benefits
It’s not something we like to think about, but how would your family cope financially if you passed away? Being in the MP03 Section of The Pearson Pension Plan, if you die whilst working for Pearson, your loved ones would benefit from:


  • A lump sum of four times your pensionable salary; and
  • A spouse's, civil partner's or nominated dependant's pension of 33% of your pensionable salary; and
  • Children's pensions (if applicable) of 8.5% of your pensionable salary for each child (up to a maximum of four).

Please refer to the AE Section booklet for further information on the benefits you are eligible to receive.

If you are not in the Plan, then the only benefit payable would be a lump sum of two times your salary.

To help the Trustee decide who you would like to receive the lump sum benefit you must make sure that you complete an expression of wish form. This form lets the Trustee know who you have nominated to receive these benefits and what percentage you would like each nominee to receive.

If you are not married or in a civil partnership, the pension benefit can be paid to your nominated dependant, but you must complete a nominated dependant form (if applicable) to let the Trustee know who you have nominated.

Ill-health benefit
If you are permanently unable to work due to poor health, being a member of the MP03 Section means that you may be able to retire early and begin receiving an ill-health pension no matter your age.

If you are a member of the AE Section of the Plan, then no ill-health benefits are available and the only death in service benefit will be a lump sum of three times your pensionable salary.

To find out more about these benefits, visit the What if section of the website.

Bringing all your savings together

If you are interested in having all of your savings in one place, you have the option to explore moving any other pension savings, either from a previous employment or personal pension, into the Plan.

This involves payment into the Plan from another pension arrangement for the sum of the benefits you have built up. However doing this means you will give up any benefits from the other pension arrangement. You should speak with an independent financial adviser first, to see if this is the best decision for you.

You can request a transfer-in but it is not possible to transfer-in to the Plan once you have left Pearson, or opted-out of the Plan. If you forward your transfer-in request and details of your previous pension arrangement to the pensions team, then you will receive feedback on whether a transfer-in is possible.


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