What if

I work past 62?

What happens to my plan benefits if I stop working when I reach age 62?
By the time you turn 62, you should have received a letter from the pensions team setting out your options and asking you to make some important decisions about your membership of the Plan and benefits. We normally send your retirement letter out six months before your normal retirement date or selected retirement age (if different).

Can I continue working beyond my normal retirement date?
Yes, the law now gives you the right to continue working beyond age 62. The Plan’s normal retirement age is set at age 62 under the Plan rules, but you can retire before or continue work past this age.

What happens if I want to continue working after my normal retirement date?

If you plan to carry on working after your 62nd birthday, these are your options:

  • You may remain a contributing member of the Plan, building up further pension benefits and being covered for death-in-service benefits in the same way as before.

  • You may take your benefits when you reach age 62, in which case you will no longer pay contributions into the Plan. You will no longer be covered for death-in-service benefits.

  • You may stop paying contributions but keep your benefits in the Plan until you decide to draw them. In this case, you will not build up any more pension benefits in the Plan, and you will no longer be covered for death-in-service benefits.

As a member of one of the defined contribution sections of the Plan, your pension benefits will be based on the value of your Pension Pot at your retirement date. You will receive further details about the options in your retirement letter.

Selected retirement age (SRA)

As a defined contribution member of the Plan you can choose an alternative retirement age at any time. Your pension illustrations, such as that provided in your annual benefit statement, will be based on your chosen selected retirement age (SRA). Choosing an SRA may also help with your financial planning.

If you are investing in one of the lifecycle options the SRA will also be used for the automatic fund switching process. Choosing an SRA will not affect your contractual employment rights in any way.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions then please go to the Contact us page on the website for different ways to get in touch. 


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