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Death and ill health benefits

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There are other benefits of paying into the Plan to help you with unforeseen events:

Death in service benefits
As a Pearson employee, benefits are payable to your loved ones if you die whilst working for the company. The benefits available depend on if you are a member of the Plan and which section you are in.

Please select the relevant section to you below to find out these benefits:

  • Money Purchase 2003 (MP03) Section
    • A tax free lump sum of 4 x your Pensionable Salary
    • A spouse’s, civil partner’s or nominated dependant’s pension of 33% of your pensionable salary
    • Children’s pensions (if applicable) of 8.5% of your pensionable salary for each child (up to a maximum of four)
    • A lump sum payable equal to the proceeds of any Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) paid

    If you are not married or in a civil partnership, the pension benefit can be paid to someone who is financially dependent on you. Please complete a nominated dependant form.

  • Auto Enrolment (AE) Section

    If you are a member of the AE Section then there would be a lump sum payable, made up of:

    • 3 x your Pensionable Salary
    • The value of your pension pot
    • The value of any AVC’s you may have paid

For details of your death benefits after you have left Pearson service, or if you are a member of one of the DB sections, go to the section information.

If you are a Pearson employee who is not in the Plan, then the only benefit payable would be a lump sum of 2 x your pensionable salary.

To help the Trustee decide who should receive the lump sum benefit, please complete an Expression of wish form so they are aware of your wishes.

Ill-health benefit
If you are a Pearson employee in the MP03 Section and are permanently unable to continue in employment due to poor health,  you may be able to retire early and begin receiving an ill health pension, of up to 50% of your pensionable salary, no matter your age.

For further details of the ill-health benefits in the other sections of the Plan go to section information.

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