How do I contribute to the Plan?

As an active member of the Plan, you contribute a percentage of your monthly salary depending on which section you are in. Please go to My DB section to find out more information. Please contact the pensions team if you are still unsure which section you are in.

How is the Plan funded?

The Plan is funded by Pearson according to the Plan Rules and is managed by Pearson Pension Trustee Limited.

Pearson has to pay contributions into the Plan each month to ensure that benefits can be paid to members and pensioners when they retire.

You can find out more about the Plan’s finances and Pearson’s contributions in the financial documents section of the library.

Other benefits

As well as building up a pension, there are other benefits to contributing into the Plan.

Pay less tax

Did you know that you could save on tax by paying into the Plan? This is because your contributions are taken out of your salary before income tax is applied, which reduces the amount of your salary you pay tax on.

Benefits on death
If you die while working for Pearson, your loved ones may benefit from a pension and a lump sum. The exact benefits that could be paid depend on which section you belong to.

The Trustee decides who should receive the death in service lump sum and you can help the Trustee in making this decision by completing an expression of wish form.

Additional voluntary contributions

If you want to increase your pension, you can make additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) into the Plan. Your AVCs would go into their own Pension Pot, managed by Aviva. You can self-select how to invest your AVCs in a range of funds or choose one of the three lifecycle options where your investments are managed for you.

You can find out more about the three lifecycle options by viewing the leaflets below:

Alternatively you can view the self-select factsheet to see the full list of self-select funds.

If you want to make AVCs, please download our AVC application form and return it to the Plan.



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