Money Purchase 2003 (MP03) Section Application form

Please complete this form and press submit. The form will then go to Pearson People Services (PPS) for action. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Before completing and submitting this form, please check that you are eligible to join the MP03 section. Click here to see the eligibility criteria.

If you have previously applied to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for pension protection, please contact the pensions team in the first instance.

Please note that membership will start on the first day of the next month after making an application.

    Personal information

    Selecting your retirement age

    The normal retirement age of the Plan is 62. This is used to both provide retirement illustrations and as the basis of the automatic fund switching process if you are in any of the lifecycle options. You can choose a retirement age between 55 and 74. Please confirm your preferred retirement age below:

    Personal contributions

    Minimum contribution:


    Maximum contribution:

    5% (Under age 30)

    6% (30 to 44)

    8% (45 and over)

    Please select your monthly contribution rate, which is expressed as a percentage of your pensionable salary, from the box below:

    Please note: Pearson pays in double the amount you do!

    Investment selection

    Your contributions will automatically be invested in the drawdown lifecycle option which invests in a set range of funds.

    There are other investment options available. More information can be found on Aviva’s secure online portal, MyWorkplace.

    Your declaration

    Data protection

    The Trustee, as the controller under the applicable data protection legislation in the UK, uses certain personal information about you to (amongst other reasons) communicate with you and administer your benefits in the Plan. Your information is shared with the Plan’s administrators, other providers of services to us, and public bodies such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. For more detailed information on how we use and disclose your information, the protections we apply, the legal bases we rely on and your data protection rights, please see our privacy notice at If you would like a copy of our privacy notice to be sent to you, please contact the pensions helpline.

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