Opt-out form

For all Plan sections with the exception of the Auto Enrolment (AE) Section.

    Personal information

    Your declaration

    I understand that by doing so:

    • My Plan contributions will cease
    • To the extent I was eligible for Company contributions, I will no longer benefit from these contributions to the Plan
    • My death-in-service benefits will no longer include any pension for my spouse/civil partner/nominated dependant or dependent children
    • My death-in-service benefits will no longer include full life cover. It will be reduced to twice
      pensionable salary
    • I will no longer be eligible for an enhanced ill-health pension from the Plan
    • I may be automatically enrolled back into the Plan at a later date (usually every three years) if I meet certain criteria and I will be given further information and the opportunity to opt-out again at that time
    • I may have a lower income when I retire
    • If I change job my new employer will normally put me back into pension saving straight away
    • This notice only opts me out of pension saving with the employer named above. A separate notice must be filled out and given to any other employer I work for if I wish to opt out of that pension saving as well
    • I am aware that my employer cannot ask me or force me to opt out and if I am asked or forced to opt out I can tell the Pensions Regulator see www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk

    Data protection

    The Trustee, as the controller under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, uses certain personal information about you to (amongst other reasons) communicate with you and administer your benefits in the Plan. Your information is shared with the Plan’s administrators, other providers of services to us, and public bodies such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. For more detailed information on how we use and disclose your information, the protections we apply, the legal bases we rely on and your data protection rights, please see our privacy notice at https://www.pearson-pensions.com/privacy-notice/. If you would like a copy of our privacy notice to be sent to you, please contact the pensions helpline.

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