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    Please complete this form if you are considering paying your Annual Allowance charge using Scheme Pays and you think that your Annual Allowance charge will be greater than £2,000.

    We will check if you are eligible for Scheme Pays and, if you are, we will provide you with details of the reduction in your benefits in the Plan and a Scheme Pays nomination form for you to complete.

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    Your Scheme Pays information

    Based on the information that you have entered, you do not have an Annual Allowance tax charge.

    Based on the information that you have entered, your tax charge is less than £2,000 and you are therefore unable to use Scheme Pays to settle the Annual Allowance tax charge. You will need to settle this with HMRC directly through your Self Assessment tax return.

    Based on the information that you have entered, you will have a tax charge, please complete this form if you would like to use Scheme Pays to settle your Annual Allowance tax charge.

    * Denotes a required field

    Personal information

    Data protection

    The Trustee, as the controller under the applicable data protection legislation in the UK, uses certain personal information about you to (amongst other reasons) communicate with you and administer your benefits in the Plan. Your information is shared with the Plan’s administrators, other providers of services to us, and public bodies such as HM Revenue & Customs. For more detailed information on how we use and disclose your information, the protections we apply, the legal bases we rely on and your data protection rights, please see our privacy notice at - This link opens in a new browser window. If you would like a copy of our privacy notice to be sent to you, please contact the pensions helpline.

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