What happens if I take family or unpaid leave?

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If you take paid family leave (which covers maternity, paternity or adoption leave) your contributions will continue at the same percentage as you paid immediately before the leave started and based on the pay you receive.

Pearson’s contributions will also continue during paid leave, based on the normal rate of your salary as if you were working normally.

If you are on unpaid family leave, your pension contributions will stop. However, you will continue to be covered for death in service benefits. If you return to work from family leave, you may pay arrears of any unpaid contributions. Pearson will pay contributions in respect of any arrears that you choose to pay. If you do not make up the arrears, your eventual benefits at retirement will be less than if you had done so. 

  • Will I continue to receive updates about the Plan and my benefits?

    Yes, you will continue to receive your benefit statements, annual trustee reports and any special announcements to your home address and we can send emails to your personal email address. If you are a member of either the MP03 and AE Sections you will also have access to MyWorkplace, which will allow you to check the value of your Pension Pot and switch investments.

  • What happens if I do not return to work?

    If you do not return to work within the time limit agreed with Pearson, your date of leaving for pension purposes will be the agreed date. Alternatively, it will be the date you told Pearson you would not be returning, if that was earlier.

  • What happens to my ill-health and death in service benefits?

    If you must retire due to ill-health or die during a period of family leave or unpaid leave, your benefits will not be affected. You continue to be covered for any ill-health and death in service benefits based on your full rate of pensionable salary. See the death and ill health benefits section for more information.

    Remember to keep your Expression of wish form and, if you are in the Final Pay or MP03 Section, not married or in a civil partnership, your nominated dependant form up to date.

  • What about my Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)?

    You can continue paying Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) during family leave. If your family leave is unpaid, your AVCs will stop. However, you may be able to make good the shortfall in contributions when you return to work.

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